Кафедра компьютерной физики ВНУ им. В. Даля

Dear Applicants!

We offer you information on the specialty "Physics"

Physics is not simply a branch of science!

Physics penetrates into the essence of all things, processes and phenomena in Nature.

Chair of Physics is one of the oldest and one that has the most modern equipment of the departments of the university. It’s more than 30 years headed by the Honored Scientist of Ukraine, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, member of several national and international academies and scientific societies - Golubnichiy Petr Ivanovich.

The chair of physics focuses on computer technology and modern software. The scientific achievements and works of the chair of physics, in which the students are actively involved, are famous not only in Ukraine but abroad, too. Graduates of the chair of physics receive invitations to the leading research centers in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and America. By participating in the research department, students receive an excellent opportunity to take part in interesting and exciting research trips, international conferences. Even undergraduate students of the chair are in demand by firms and industrial companies as programmers, engineers and electronics engineers.

After graduation some of the graduates still work in our department or continue postgraduate studies at our University in the field of "nuclear physics, elementary particles and high energy physics." With their participation the chair successfully solves the "problem of the Century"- the phenomenon of ball lightning. Another important branch of science is astrophysics - development of new methods for detection of cosmic high-energy particles that would allow the humanity to first "open" a new window to the universe - a telescope in the range of ultra-high energies (the Lunar and the Antarctic options). These studies are conducted jointly with NSAU (National Space Agency of Ukraine) and NASC (National Antarctic Scientific Center), a subsidiary of National Academy of Sciences Institute of Radio Astronomy (Kharkov).

Over the last six years, 14 of the graduates had continued their studies as postgraduates of the department of physics at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Kiev department of the Moscow branch of Physics and Technology Training and Research Centre. Seven of them have already defended their theses. A branch of the Institute of Physics in Lugansk is headed by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Gorshkov V.N. that worked for more than 6 years in the nuclear plasma laboratory at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA. Two of our graduates have entered the Clarkson University, New-York, USA to write a PhD thesis (postgraduate sudies).

The department has research and teaching labs, computer lab, equipped with the latest software, large lecture halls.

The educational process is computerized. For each discipline there is a training complex that includes the program, lecture notes, guidelines for laboratory and practical exercises, tests for self-control.

A number of humanities disciplines such as psychology, history, philosophy, cultural studies will help you to become an educated and intelligent man.

The kind of research that a graduate can continue to specialize in:

Physical phenomena and processes at all structural levels of matter organization studying the properties and laws that form the new natural-scientific knowledge about the environment. High-tech devices, materials for physics research, equipment, facilities, systems and processes. Physical theories which allow to explain the well-known and include new scientific results.

Scope of work of the graduate

Research and development:

Applied research: work aimed at obtaining new knowledge for the development of technological innovations; experimental development: systematic work, using specific knowledge and experience to create new materials, products, equipment, new techniques, systems and services and to improve existing ones.

Research and development in the natural sciences and engineering:

systematic study and creative work in the fields of natural sciences and engineering: mathematics, physics, astronomy, space technology, chemistry, life sciences, medical sciences, earth sciences, agriculture, energy, transport and communications, construction and architecture, mining and manufacturing industry, and etc. technical control and analysis, operations research laboratories, certification of various products, devices, materials, etc.

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